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Sunday, August 22, 2010

We Are In Bagley Wisconsin

As we departed Walmart and Minn., we headed on route 90 for Wisconsin and scenic route 35. Once off the highway and into the farmlands, it began to get foggy. The morning due was on the spider webs along the road and it was quite unusual.
Both side of the road had a ghostly look to them, we have never seen so many spider webs.
They were from the edge of the road to the edge of the corn fields.
We had to stop for a close up. Do you know what kind of spider that is?
Joyce talked me into a three hour out of our way side trip to a town named Sparta which is north east from where we were.
The reason for our trip to this town was to see a small factory the manufactures fiberglass figures like the one above on the welcome sign.
As you know, we are always looking for the unusual things so I said lets go check it out. It took a while to find with the help of some of the local Spartans but here we are. It's Sunday and there was no one there so all we could do was walk the yard and take pictures.

FAST: "Fiberglass Animals, Shapes,& Trademarks"
The yard was full of molds
They even had a Buffalo.
Many differant items, all in fiberglass.
Nice Pheasant
Very interesting and fun to see but it was time to move on. From Fast fiberglass, we had to back track to Sparta where we continued on our trip down Senic Byway 35.

Along route 35 which snakes along the shores of the Mississippi, we came across some information stops like this one.

We also came upon this dam.
As we moved along you could see areas where the Mississippi has risen above her norm.
Then we blew by the "Battle of Bad Axe" and had to turn around. Do you know how difficult it is to find a place to turn a motorhome with a Jeep in tow?
Another plaque on the same subject.
And another
Shortly after, we cam to the town of Prairie du Chien and stopped to find a campground for the next couple of days.

We are now at a campground in Bagley Wisconsin, that is located on the Mississippi.


meowmomma... said...

love, love the spider web photo's! most people would just drive right by those and not even notice them! thanks for sharing!!

Paul and Joyce said...

It's comments like yours that make it worth the stop. Thanks!