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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

If You Build It, He Will Come

If you saw the movie "Field of Dreams", the title should have given you a hint of where we went.

Looks familiar doesn't it, there was a small bridge to drive over and we hope that we didn't break through it.The farm house as it is today, so homey looking.
Some of the information that was posted by the field.
More info.
An aerial shot of the farm.
This refers to the picture above.
It only took four days to construct the ball field.
Hey, is that one of the ghost players coming out of the corn field? Note the height of the corn stalks. There's a gift shop to the right of this shot where you can get movie memorabilia.
Just another ghost?
The grass is so perfect, no weeds at all
The home is no longer lived in but could be if you want to but the farm, yup....it's for sale.
Time to move on.
As we continued down the back roads we ran into a sign that took us here.
Reagan's home town, Tampico, Ill.
Not able to find the home where his family lived when he was born but there was this mural on the side of a building in town.
The town even had banners on the light post.
We drove too much today, I don't like staying in Walmarts so I found this old vacant garage by the highway.

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