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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Another Stretch, We're In The Badlands Of SD

Our stop at Mount Rushmore.
The names of the workers that took part in the making of Mount Rushmore.
Had to have a shot of us before we left for the day to continue on.
There is a scenic loop here that we took. It's called the Needles Highway. It is very twisty and great for the bikers but don't try it with an RV. There are a couple of bridges at the start that are constructed of laminated wood and timbers.
That's Mount Rushmore in the distance.
Joyce and the pup strike a pose at the top of a mountain along the way.
Some info. on the Needles Highway.
There are a few tunnels along this loop and they are very tight for some depending on what you're driving. We passed an old dude who was towing a trailer, I wished him luck.
Falling Rock...... Watch out!

The sigh says it all.

We needed a people picture, I was selected....again.

We took this picture prior to going through in the Jeep. See the same tunnel below.
The sign posted at the rock formation.
This is needles.
A tour bus made it through this tunnel, check it out!
More tunnels
We went back to Mt. Rushmore for the night show.
The next day we travled to Deadwood for the day.
Welcome to Deadwood, named for all the dead wood laying on the hillsides as you come down into town.
Looking down the main street from one end of town.
The infamous Jack McCall
Posted on one of the buildings.One of the old buildings in town, the Bullock Hotel......after being restored to a casino.
Info about some of the pioneers of Deadwood.
The Badlands
We were here twenty years ago and it was a fun place to visit but I guess business was slow, the buildings in town were in disrepair and the tourist trade was falling off. So in 1989 the town voted to allow gamble casinos to return in hopes that it would bring in revenue. The problem is that there is nothing but gambling, I mean that every building has gambling and it ruined that old town look. There was really no tourist in town so their idea doesn't seem to be working. So sad!

The chair that Wild Bill was sitting in when he was shot.
Deadwood as seen from one end of town.
The cemetery in town contains the remains of some famous people.
Wild Bill
Wild Bill's resting place.
Calamity Jane is buried next to Wild Bill as per her request.Th next day we departed our camp in Hill City and headed for the Badlands. As we exited out of town, we passed under this bridge. It is constructed from laminated beams and it was beautiful compared with the old steel or concrete bridges you would normally see.
On our way to the Badlands we had to stop at Wall to see Wall Drug. There were signs all along route 90 so we couldn't pass it up..
Signs, signs everywhere there's signs!
Oh, another sign!
The main street in town consist of Wall stores lining both side of the street.
One of the many stores along the street.
One of the shops had these old newspaper articles posted.

We have arrived at the Badlands and are heading to our campground.
After driving down a mile long DUSTY and I mean DUSTY road, we arrived. The temps were in the 90's and we only had 30 amp service so we could only run one of our two AC units. Frustrating!!

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