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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Oops, I Missed A Day At Devils Tower

A night in Walmart and we will be on our way.
Along the way to Devils Tower, our GPS called out a turn that eventually brought us to a dirt road. We had no place to turn around so we were committed to the dirt road........what a mess!
Was a pretty ride through the woods but too dusty.
Not far to go because I can see the Tower in the distance....can you?
Yahoo, about sixteen miles later we made it to the rest area not far from Devils Tower.
OK, lets load up so we can continue to the Tower.
As we pulled in I saw these two crazy guys climbing the face of the Tower.
Joyce had to buy her book on Devils Tower. She has been buying books on all the national parks we have been to.
Oh, what a lovely couple.
There is a trail that takes you to the base of the Tower.

One last shot as we leave.
Info about the Black Hills was posted where we stopped.
We stopped to read the sign and stretch our legs.
On our way to Mount Rushmore we passed an area where you could see the rock sculpture of Crazy Horse.


Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

You are definitely more daring than us, taking the motorhome up that road to the tower.

We did it my car.

Thanks for the flashback to last summer for us.

Paul and Joyce said...

I get into more trouble with that GPS.