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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Just Hanging Around

Ten miles to the east of us is the Buffalo Bill Dam that we passed by on our way in. So we took a ride to check it out. I bet you're waiting for some Dam Jokes!
Prior to entering the visitors center, they had some Dam items on display outside that I had to see.
Wood & Concrete Ball Valve

The Dam Ball

Hard to believe that something that crude would have been used. And how did they remove it for flow? Read on!
Amazing what they would design to get those jobs done. Crude but it worked until better ideas came along.
The Dam Winch
A better idea!!!!

This is a newer Valve.
A little humor about Bill Cody
That's the Dam and the Visitors center.
We passed through that tunnel in the background to get to our camp. The tunnel was constructed so materials could be delivered to the construction site. The road was know to the locals as the "Dam Road".........really!
Some information posted outside by the visitors center.
You can click on the pictures to enlarge them and hopefully be able to read them.

All the dead trees gather at the head of the Dam. They do have equipment to remove the wood debris.
There must be a tunnel somewhere to get down there but I couldn't find it.

Nice view downstream.
As you can see, the water that runs from the damn is nothing more than a small stream. This dam was originally constructed for irrigation, years later a small generating station was added, you can see it below. This station was replace by a newer more efficient one down stream.
We knew that Casey liked water but we weren't sure if she would play fetch in the water. We took her about two miles down the street to a beach area of Lake Buffalo Bill and we had a tough time getting here to leave after about 45 minutes of play. Will probably take her back tomorrow.

A short video of the dam but you can't hear what I'm saying. I will be showing a hole that was drilled in the fence. There are a series of these holes and as the wind is blowing, they play a tune like blowing across the top of a soda bottle.


Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

I cannot resist-that was dam interesting!

Paul and Joyce said...

Hey Chuck, I'm glad that you enjoyed the Dam posting.