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Monday, August 23, 2010

Not Much Going On In Bagley

We had to go to town for a couple of things which meant going to Prairie du Chien. The town is large enough to have a Walmart. While there we snooped around looking for some history.
Here we found the Dousman Hotel which is mentioned in the link above. It looks like all work has stopped on the hotel, maybe the funds ran out?
Here I'm looking in the front window of the Hotel.
Taking a picture through the front window, revealed some of the original items still intact.
While standing in front of the Hotel, this is the view of the Mississippi on the other side of the tracks.
This old home is to the left of the hotel but we were not able to find any info. on it.
Another old home in back of the hotel but no information on it.
We left Prairie du Chien and headed back to our camp in Bagley. Prior to going to our camp, we took a brief trip to the center of Bagley to check out the town.
This is the center of Bagley, population 339, not much going on in town.
The Bagley Hotel........that's not our Jeep!
One of the residence at the end of main street.
This home is for sale, note the lattice detail around the front porch, really nice! This home is worth saving.
Tomorrow we will be heading out again. We will continue on route 35 down to 84 in Illinois.

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