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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Back Home Again In Indiana

No, I'm not home, I'm just refering to the song!

We left our overnight stop and drove for about three hours to South Bend.
Studebakers used to be manufactured here in town, there's a museum but it was closing by the time we got there so we plan on going tomorrow.
This is what remains of one of the plants here in South Bend, closed down so many years ago.
You can see The "S" sticking up from the top of the building.
I believe that this was the corporate offices.
The Studebaker emblem still remains. During it's height, most of South Bend must have been employed here. The Oliver tractor manufacturer was about two blocks away from Studebaker.
More info. on Studebaker tomorrow but first I have to get the wheels rotated and balanced on the Jeep. I believe that the tires are wearing funny from being towed and I am getting a bad shimmy at 55 - 60 MPH. It's so bad I have to get it done now.
We are in a campground about nine miles south of South Bend, Id. We pretty much have the whole place to ourselves.

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