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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Beartooth Highway Route 212 Red Lodge

Here's a little history on Red Lodge which used to be a coal mining town. Route 212 passes through the town and heads through the Beartooth mountains.

More Info.
We are camped two miles out of town and at the start of Beartooth Highway. This road makes the trip to Red Lodge worth while. There's a lot going on in this little town and the scenic highway is a real bonus for the town.
Dubbed the most beautiful roadway in America by On The Road correspondent Charles Kuralt.
The highway climbs to 11,000 feet and the view is breathtaking.
This road will take you to Yellowstone National Park if you want to travel there but we just took the road to the highest point.
There were many areas along the road where you can stop for pictures.
The higher we traveled the trees began to thin out.
The pictures just don't do it justice
Just more beauty and there are areas to camp.
Seemed like a nice shot, but so many to pick from.
I was checking out the other side. There is a dirt road over there that some cars were traveling on.
The road has a lot of tight corners so DO NOT try this road in a motorhome unless you have nerves of steel. There was a guy in front of us that was towing a small trailer and he was doing ok but the trail was only about 25 feet long.
The air was getting thinner and you could feel it getting cooler.
Yup, that's snow!
And here we are at 11,000 feet, the top.
Had our picture taken and believe me it was cold with a high wind blowing.
Now to start our way back down to town. As I mentioned yesterday, they were having and International weekend event in town so we have to check it out.
Wow, do you believe that they had belly dancers that performed for about a 45 minutes, and they were good.
Then we had to check out the Men games where real men showed off their strength in the pole toss. They stared with a small pole then worked their way up to the larger one.
It was getting close to dinner time so we started to head back to camp when I passed these and had to check them out. This is an old White, note the rear engine and front wheel drive.
Another old White but none had the years on them. They were just sitting in a parking lot.

Well this ends our day in Red Lodge, Montana and we will return someday. Next stop Cody, Wyoming.

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