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Monday, August 9, 2010

Cody Wyoming and Yellowstone NP

We are on our way to Cody Wyoming by way of route 308 which took us through the very small town of Bearcreek.
If you go to Red Lodge, take a short ride to visit Bearcreek. They have pig races there and are famous for their Banana Cream Pies.
This is main street that runs through the town of Bearcreek, home to 83 people.
Moving on we had a pleasant ride with very light traffic.
We didn't have far to travel to get to Cody so we took our time.
We were here about twenty years ago and I must say that the town has really grown.
We then had to pass through that tunnel to get to Buffalo Bill SP, you can see the Buffalo Bill Dam on the left.
We are staying at Buffalo Bill SP North fork that is right on route 14 out of Cody. There are no services here but they do have water and a dump station. We love it because we have a million dollar view of the surrounding mountains. We are here for three days then we are moving to the eastern section of the park that is right on the lake. It is located about six miles down the road.
You can see us below as viewed from the shore of the river.
We took a walk to the river which borders the campground.
Casey decided to take over the table at our site.
Yes, that's us behind that tree as viewed from route 14.

We are only about 40 miles from Yellowstone's East entrance sooooo. On our way to Yellowstone we passed through the Shoshone Canyon.
The scenery was exceptional.
And then there was this private home sitting on top of a hill. I love people with imagination.
More, I love it!
The ride through the canyon was great with lots of unusual formations.
We came into Yellowstone at the East entrance on route 14. This being our third trip here, we decided to just do a quick loop. The problem is some of the idiots with their cameras feel that they have a right to stop in the middle of the road and take their time filming a Buffalo that is standing on the side of the road. By doing this, traffic backs up for miles and you can be sitting there waiting for those individuals to move. Then there's always the ones that have to get out of their car leaving it in the road, so they can get close to the wild life for that real closeup. These people usually end up dead or seriously injured when they find out that these animals really are wild. Sooooooo keep moving and use that zoom lens! Thank You!!!!! At the start of the park we came across this young moose, didn't see mom around so I really kept my distance.
There are some hot springs around the lake.
Lake Yellowstone
I believe these are Elk or Reindeer

Coming into the park we passed the Continental Divide.
This area is a must see if you come to the park, it's the area around Old Faithful.
Whereas we have already been here three times and it was raining today, we passed on the walking tour of the hot pools.
This is the Old Faithful Inn in Yellowstone. This place is awesome inside with it's cathedral ceiling and large log construction.
This is an interior shot of the lobby looking up.
And the giant clock over the fireplace really works.
We have been standing here for an hour waiting for Old Faithful to blow.
Old Faithful at full height of about 100 feet.
It's beginning to taper off after about a minute.
When Old Faithful started, some of the smaller ones in the back got a little excited.
Looks like the tree is smoldering but it isn't.
This place is a big volcano waiting to erupt.
You could see steam coming from small pockets as we drove along the park loop.

The park is mostly evergreen trees where there are some that aren't burnt yet. To me, other than the the guises and hot springs, the scenery is just mediocre
We were in traffic stopped for about a half hour due to road work so Casey and I figured we'd ham it up a bit.
Man-o-man did it rain and was passed a lot of motorcycles and being a rider in my past we could really relate to the cold wet ride they were experiencing.
There were hot springs and sulfur springs along the road but your best not to get too close to them.
Buffaloes, Buffaloes, and more Buffaloes.

Sorry but I've seen enough of Yellowstone to last me forever.


Anonymous said...

Loved the pictures of Yellowstone and Bufflo bill state park. Was also wondering if you could walk around in Yellowstone Park with your pet?


Paul and Joyce said...

Yes, we did see a lot of people with their dogs. I'm sure that there may be some areas where pets aren't allowed. You would be best to check it out online at their web site. http://www.nps.gov/yell/index.htm