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Friday, August 6, 2010

Good Bye To Medora, Hello Little Big Horn

We said our goodbyes to Medora and headed for Hardin to our next campground. Along the way and about fifteen miles from our destination, we ran into these things.
I pulled the coach as far off the road as I could to give him some room but he waited until he was about two feet away to move over.
We made it without a scratch and set up camp.
The Little Big Horn Battlefield was about twenty miles from camp.
We took soooooo many pictures within the battlefield and it was difficult for me to pick the right ones for posting.
This plaque was posted in the main national cemetery at the end of a section of headstones.

At another section, this one was posted.

Posted at a headstone in the same cemetery.
John Haddoo
Then we continued on through the battlefield.
Markers where scattered everywhere.
Postings at the various areas where the battles took place. I have posted the picture of the areas after each of the postings.
This is the area mentioned as it looks today.
Comments from some of the actual Indians that fought Custer.
There were small battles prior to the last stand.

This picture is reference for the two postings above.
Reno retreats and the Indians return to fight Custer.

A memorial to the troops.
An explanation of the Reno defense
The crows nest located 13 miles away. This is where Custer's scout observed the Lakota and Cheyenne.
The Lone Tipi
As the area looks today for the to postings above.
Retreat Crossing.
And a picture of the area today.
Weir Point
Weir Point today.
Custer's two companies try to retreat.
The area today.
Greasy Grass Ridge where the Indians lay in wait.
The ridge.
Calhoun Hill

There is even a stone for the horse's that died. Only one horse survived the battle.
The Memorial
The names of the fallen solders.
Some of the markers. Markers are placed around the entire area and are said to be placed at the original spot where each of the solders where found when the dead were gathered after the battle.
We could have spent the entire day at the battleground but it was hot and we had the dog with us. The park does not allow pets outside, and it was getting hot in the Jeep.
On our ride to the Little Big Horn we passed some old farm houses and I just had to get some pic's of them on our return trip. All of this and the surrounding land is part of the Crow Indian Reservation. We saw some old abandoned homes that had newer homes built next to them so it seemed as though they didn't remove the old homes.
The first two shots are of the same house, looks like they get heavy winds in this area.

This is the old St. Xavier school. It was built in 1985 but I don't know why it was abandoned other than there are very few people around the area.
And this is the older, older school behind the old school.
An empty home in the field.
This family of horses seem to be enjoying this home.
And we return to camp, take a right at the old Chevy truck.

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