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Saturday, August 7, 2010

We Are At Red Lodge, Montana

As we departed from our camp, we passed a wheat field that had been harvested. After they harvest the grain from the top of the stalk, the remainder of the stalk is cut and bailed as straw. At this point they normally burn the remainder of the stalk.
The field seems to burn from the outside in.
On the road again but we are going out of our way a little so we can see the only know signature of William Clark of the Lewis and Clark fame. The place we are going to is Pompey's Tower.
We made it and it was a tough walk up the stairs to where the signature was carved in the rock.
Here it is.
This plaque was next to it.
The signature is in the frame at the lower right corner.
We took a walk around the area that took us to the Yellowstone River where Lewis & Clark came in.
This is a replica of the carving in the rock.
The Yellowstone River
This is Pompey's Tower where the signature is carved.
We left the park and continued on to our destination...Red Lodge, Montana. Here we are pulling into town.
The town had a lot of motorcycles ride up and down the streets. Guess they are on their way to the big rally in Sturgis.
Main street or route 212
And we are finally parked at our latest campground.
We took a ride back to town to have dinner.
There are a lot of old building remaining from the coal mining days.
Then we found out that the town was have an international day parade.
Every year at this time they have their international weekend to celebrate their ancestors that came to this town to work in the mines. Most of the people are from European descent.
Even the Vikings were here.
Then I found the Candy Store. This place has all those candies that you had when you were a kid.
They even have fudge. Wow, I felt like a kid in a candy store....sic!
Back at our campground, I had to take a couple of pictures of this bike.
It has a small V6 engine with an automatic tranney. Note the rear radiator.

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Now I know at least one place I want to see in Montana.