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Saturday, September 12, 2009

We're Here And It's Raining

We had a bad time trying to sleep last night with all the truck traffic in the Walmart parking lot. When we got up this morning, the trucks were everywhere, I think we probably got about five hour sleep. Oh well, can't complain when you get free parking for the night.

We were back on the road at about 9:00 am and had a smooth ride. At about 12:30,pulled into our final destination; Watts Campground.
The campground was located just over a mile in the woods off of a side street outside of Gilmer, Tx. The road coming in was narrow but clear of low branches.
One bad thing is the owner decided that today would be a good day to burn brush and he has a really big fire going but with the rain it is smoking really bad. I am a bit upset because I have a tough time breathing in smokey conditions. Also, the ash is dropping all over the place, I feel like we are in California.
We have reservations paid for next week so I drove to the office and told the owner that if the smoke continues into tomorrow, we will be leaving.
There is also what seems to be a natural gas well head at the far end of the campground. You can see the burn off flame.
There is also a man made fish pond behind us and it is stocked with catfish. You do not need a fishing license because it's on private property. You can keep any fish you catch if you wish to but I doubt that there are many fish in the pond. I was watching one man that had two lines in the water and was throwing fish food pellets in the water where his lines were. A real sportsman!!!!!
The campground really is nice but very secluded, and although there are about twenty other RV's here, we have only seen two people. All the sites have level concrete slabs and are pull thus. There are new buildings that house the rest rooms and showers, laundry, kitchen, and entertainment hall with large screen TV.
Tomorrow we take a ride to find the shop where I will start work Monday. We also have to go to town because I noticed they have a What-A-Burger. I love that place and have to get my fix.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for being honest about "Walmart" camp ground. When we did it the lights were so bright it make it hard to sleep.
Boomer Couple

Paul and Joyce said...

We normally use Walmarts only when we are on a push to get somewhere and need a safe place to sleep for the night. They are not campgrounds and should not be used a such.