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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Saturday Sleep-In

So it's Saturday and I got to sleep in till 8:45. Then we decided to take a ride to check out Daingerfield State Park.
The park was really nice and after getting here I found out that you don't need a fishing license. It seems that as long as the water within the park is landlocked within the Park, you don't need a license.
We may have to visit here again and try the fishing. They also rent paddle boats.
Joyce always has to take her shoes off and test the water. She said it was a little cool but people were swimming. The temperature today was in the high 80's.
From the Park, we stopped for lunch, Joyce had a chicken taco salad.
I had a burger and some fried Okra with ranch dressing, mmmmm.
We figured that we would take a ride down some back roads and enjoy the scenery. We saw a lot of these flowers in people's yards but we don't know what they are. The stems come straight out of the ground and look like straw.
This poor animal has boo boos all over it's nose
We traveled down a back road to get to a Wine Vineyard and we had to cross a heavily traveled track so I had to stop to get this shot. The trains are very active in this area hauling coal and grain. I'm glad the Jeep didn't stall.
This is the Winery but they charged $5 per person for the tour and another $5 for wine tasting.
The grounds were nice and they did have outdoor tables where you could sit and have a glass of wine or lunch.

This dog was at the side of the building and the odor of wine was very strong. She didn't move or open her eyes as I stood and took the picture. She may have had one too many!!
We continued along on our trek and came across this! You will have to click on this picture to see the sacred tractor.
As we continued down the road, we ran out of road and had to turn around.
This road wasn't much more than one lane and you had to be careful when traffic approached.

Back at camp this was my first chance to clean the bugs from the front of the coach. Note Joyce surfing the web, the tree stub is holding the camera for this shot.
Later we did dinner at Fat Boys BBQ and I just had to take this picture. The brisket and sausage were delicious. This is our first BBQ since we got to Texas.

Now I'm fat and happy and calling it a day, see ya tomorrow!!!

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