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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Some Interesting Things About Pittsburg, Tx.

Pittsburg Texas is home to the largest poultry producer in the USA. It's the home of Pilgrims Pride and the founder Bo Pilgrim along with his wife Patty. The new rehabilitation center below is in the finish stages of construction.
A shot of the center
This is Bo's home which is just outside of town on the main road.
Looking in the front gate.
We took a ride to the shop where I will be doing some work, and this is a shot of the original main street. Most of the stores are occupied. There will be a chicken BBQ in town this coming weekend and I LOVE chicken so you know where we'll be.
We had passed a WHATABURGER coming into town so I had to have my fix. We ordered and had to wait for the burgers to be brought to the table.
Now that's a burger, it is loaded with shredded lettuce and tomatoes. Yum!
As we came out of Whataburger, I spotted this grill. I'll bet that this is whats going to be cooking some of that BBQ chicken on Saturday.
We had to take a ride to the Pilgrims Pride processing plant so I could have my picture taken with Bo and Henrietta.
Plaque mounted by the statue below.
That's Joyce leaning against the post to the left.
This is a short video that I just had to shoot. I'm the one on the right!!

Oh yea....Here's where I will be working.

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