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Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday Night and A Little Sun

With a week of work out of the way it's time to go into town for dinner. On the way to town, the rain stopped and the sun came out.

We decided to go Mexican and there really wasn't much to choose from. I brought the camera so I could take a picture of our meals but guess what........I was hungry!
Here's half of Joyce's meal
After dinner we took a ride to main street Gilmer.
The street around the common is all red brick.
The town is surrounded by small shops, all of which were closed for the day.
Wow, this could be my barber
We walked the full common and were surprised that we were the only ones walking the street.
What a nice town but where is everyone??
This is the town museum, but was the old post office.
Plaque in the front of the museum
We always wanted to know where the Looney School was located.
This plaque is mounted in front of the old bell by the courthouse.
I love finding old items of history in these towns, sooo much history and interesting facts.

And to think that tomorrow is Chick Fest!!!!!!

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