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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Chickfest In Pittsburg

First I want to show you that the Texans know how to do a donut shop. They really got the name right!
Tomorrow we will be moving to a very small camp ground that's behind a small RV dealer in the town of Pittsburg. The reason for the move is it will put us within 1-1/2 miles from the shop and that means more sleep in the morning and a three minute ride home after work. Joyce will also be closer to town so she can browse around during the day.
Oh, and did I mention that a full hookup with 50 amp figures out to $8.03 a day if we pay for a month at a time.
So whereas this is our last day in Gilmer, I thought that you may want a little history on the town.
We are now in Pittsburg for the Chick Fest. Note the watermelons in front of the Chamber of Commerce.
This is main street and it has been closed off for the Festival. We are about in the middle at this shot.
I'm following the boss here as we check out the booths. I must say that I was a little disappointed because I expected a lot of BBQ Chicken but was not able to find ANY. All they had to eat was Burgers, Corn Dogs, Turkey Legs, Sausage on a stick, and of course...funnel cakes which I missed having. NO CHICKEN!!!!!!
They were giving away a 2009 Shelby Hertz Mustang, yes I said Hertz. But still no chicken.
They did have some neat wind chimes made from recycled kitchen utensils.
And then I saw what this festival was all about.....a chicken. Then things got better.
I came across the biggest chicken that I have ever seen. I may have knocked down three small children trying to get to her. Sorry kids!!!In this shot I tried to get a kiss from her but that didn't happen. I do believe that she is smiling more in this shot. Joyce said it was time to move on because the little kids were crying.
Know that's a smoker, but no one had any chicken to eat. I just don't understand!!!!
There were a few classic cars that I had to check out.
454 cubic inch
Nice Challenger
Camero SS 350
As we walked the street we ran into this vendor that had some unusual food. The plate on the left is fried pickles, the center is shoe string onions, and the right is fried eggplant.
The gentleman below makes some cool lamps that are comstructed from old electric meters and when you turn the lamp on, the meter starts turning and the small dials spin.
He told us he was buying the old meters from a friend that worked for the electric company. He has 1000 meters but when they are gone he will have to retire from making lamps because he can no longer get the old meters. The electric company destroys them now.
As we were walking down one of the side streets I spotted this gas line coming from one of the old buildings. I guess they ran out of elbow connectors so capped the end.
You hear that they normally have pie eating contest at these fairs and festivals, but here in Pittsburg they have "Hot Links"
Pittsburg Texas is famous for their Hot Links and at 1:30 they were having a Hot Links eating contest. Here's some info on Hot Links.
I did a video of the Hot Link eating contest and tried to up load it for over two hours with no luck. Well it was just a bunch of mostly overweight men stuffing these short greasy sausage links in their faces. So thirty something links later a skinny fifteen year old kid won the contest.

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