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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Labor Day Weekend In NH

We are at Saco River Campground in North Conway, N.H. The weather is perfect and the campground is better than expected. The sites are big with about 30 feet between RV's. We have full hookup with cable that gets us over 100 channels. The place is packed but at 10:00PM things are very quite.
Our friends Lucy and Don met us here for the weekend. That's them on the left.
We were sitting outside when one of the neighbors said he saw smoke coming from Don's coach. It turned out that they outside TV somehow got smoked. That meant a road trip to Wally World for a new Flat Panel and a couple of hours to adapt it to the existing mount.
While walking around the campground it was discovered that one of the campers brought their PET Llama's with them. Yup, I said Llamas, and they are transported in their minivan that the wife drives and follows the RV. The woman said that she just opens the door to the van and the Llamas bend their legs and get in.
When they get to the campground they set up a ten foot square pen to hold them in. They are also allowed to graze on their camping site while being tethered on a strap.
The grass is left un-mowed during their stay so they can munch.
Don and Lucy are relaxing watching their new flat panel TV. Life Is Good!

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