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Sunday, September 20, 2009

New Camp and The Sun Is Shining

Check it out, looks like the liquidators got caught up in their own business.
Here we are in our new camp, the one problem is that the trains are not that far away and we can hear the whistle as they hit ALL the crossings. And there are a lot of crossings and trains. Guess we'll have to get use to it.

Didn't get to watch the Patriots play ball but from what I heard, we didn't miss much.

The black tank wash stopped working and I wasn't able to rinse the tank when we dumped at the last campground. I did some online research on the Tiffin forum and found that the rinse nozzle tends to get clogged if it's not used at each dumping. People on the forum suggest removing the nozzle and opening the spray holes out to 3/32". So looking at the coach in the picture above, we had to remove the large panel forward of the rear wheel. Once removed, the wash nozzle is install at the top of the tank on the end and was very easy to remove.

The nozzle was clogged and had to be flushed out which wasn't a pleasant job due to the matter that was clogging the small holes.....thank God for rubber gloves. I opened the holes to 3/32" and had Joyce run the water while I held the nozzle in a bucket. Everything was clear and working fine so we put it all back together and ran it for five minutes to insure there were no leaks. Another job well done!!

Had a problem with our Master Card (What's in Your Wallet), it was showing a charge of $13.15 for a bogus company that we never heard of. I looked it up on the web and found that the fraudulent company was created by the Russian mob, yup the Russians are coming! They somehow get your credit card number and charge a small amount to it with the hopes that you won't notice. When I checked online I found that this company was charging the same amount of $13.15 to a lot of people so keep a close eye on your credit card bill. We had our card canceled and a new card issued.

Oh man, back to work tomorrow after a short weekend, oh well I do get to sleep an extra half hour if the trains go easy.

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