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Sunday, September 27, 2009

We Stopped To Smell The Roses

Joyce did some research to see what was in the area and she found a Rose Garden in the city of Tyler which is about an hour away. We took our time because we weren't in any hurry.
As we drove along, there were a lot of historical markers along our route but we didn't get to stop at all of them.
We passed fields with large old trees that were obviously planted in rows years ago. This marker explains that the area was a nut farm.

So I guess that would make this the nut house?
More history on the area.
And here we are at the Tyler Rose Garden
Most of the roses were past their prime for blooming but they were still beautiful to look at. I took a lot of pictures but had a problem getting sharp closeups.
So many different colors.
In the Mood below was probably my favorite.
Click on the picture to enlarge.
Joyce couldn't resist stopping to "Smell the Roses"
Another pretty mix of color.
So much to choose from.

Unusual mix.
The vines above Joyce are Rose vines that fill with flowers during the spring.
Areas within the gardens invite you to sit and relax.
And that's just what Joyce did.
Then on to more roses
And more.
Then we had to stop for a shot!!!!
This short video shows the Garden from above.

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