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Monday, September 21, 2009

Time To Exercise

There's a recreation field about a quarter mile down the street from us. So Joyce announced that WE are going to walk every night.
The track is nine tenths of a mile long around a large soccer field and there were some people there already walking. Now I don't feel that I really need to walk nine tenths of a mile every night because I'm already in great shape!!!!!!
Well half way around the track two young women in their late 40's early 50's passed us and asked if we were ok. What was that suppose to mean???
I told them that I was fine and that I was still breathing in and out. Joyce said that they were just being nice, yeah!
There was also a nice pond with a fountain and it was hot enough that I would have loved to jump in to cool off.
We finished one lap and Joyce said that was easy so tomorrow we have to do two laps...... I hope it rains!

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