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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Truck Stop Night

To make a real long story short, we left our Walmart camp and headed for our destination about an hour away. When we got to the campground where we were going to stay we decided to keep going.
We changed our plans and were moving on to a state campground closer to Dallas / Fort Worth. The problem is when we got there, they were full. Two words.....Spring Break!! So we continued on but I wanted to get off the highway and look for something interesting. Seems that you can always find some unusual things in these out of the way towns.

We turned off the highway at the exit to Eastland, Texas and boy did we find some great stuff.
The theater is the center of town reminded me of my younger days.
The theater is still in operation but was closed at the time we were there so we couldn't get in for pictures.
I was able to take this shot through the front door window. Cool huh?
Then we stared to notice the mention of Ol' Rip around town.
Ol' Rip was a toad.
Not just any old toad but a very special toad.
Are you ready for this!!!!!!
I took this picture of Ol' Rip as he lay in the Courthouse, this is great stuff.
Some more background on the town of Eastland
And Eastland's courthouse
The Courthouse!
An interest bit of information that I was surprised to find.
This is the old town Jail, built in 1897 the jail once housed one of the infamous Santa Claus Bank Robbers that was mentioned above.
This is the corner where the last public lynching in Texas took place.
There are over 40 pieces of art painted around town, each one includes a history of the artist. Here are a few.

Our next stop was the town of Mineral Wells. The town had a very prosperous past but I'm not sure where the Crazy came from.
"Keep Mineral Wells Crazy" The streets were lined with these banners.
This is the Baker Hotel and story has it that it is haunted.
The Baker Hotel has some real history and was a grand hotel in it's day.
Well, we ran out of campgrounds and ended up driving five hours. So here we are at a truck stop. We DO have a camp spot saved at a state campground for toworrow. Been a long day.....Good Night!

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