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Friday, March 12, 2010

Sitting Bull Falls, Carlsbad, NM

The Sitting Bull Falls is not too far from our camp and we had already been to Carlsbad Caverns twice so we stopped at Subway and picked up lunch to eat on the way. Along the way we came to a shallow canyon that had a one person cable car that crossed the canyon. I don't know why it was there but there was a Federal Geological plaque embedded in the concrete footing.
Anyways, Joyce wanted to try it out but the chair was chained and locked, bummer!
There was a cave on the other side but it didn't seem too big.
Further down the road we found a dirt road and thought we'd check it out. There was a large cave that looked like it was a place that the local kids hung out.
It was getting close to lunch time and we came to this picnic area out in the middle of nowhere on a back road. It's like it was put there just for us.
We finally arrived at Sitting Bull Falls, there were only a couple of other people there. The Ranger said that the place is popular during the hotter months. Families come to spend the day where they can sit in the cool water at the base of the falls. Clicking on any of the pictures will greatly increase there size so you can read the signs.

The CCC was a great idea during it's day, maybe that's what we need today.
The CCC constructed this building.
We walked by this canyon during our walk to the falls. You could see the water running below.
Then the falls came into view.
A shot of us in front of the falls. There is a cave behind the falls but you need a permit to go into any of the area caves.
The walls of the canyon are worn from the water of years gone by.
One of the surrounding hills around the canyon, and the visitors center below. After walking the area and seeing what we could, we moved on. It was really a great trip and we are glad we came here.
On our ride home we passed a lot of oil wells and natural gas well. You could smell the crude in the air,
And then there were the cattle that were free to graze along the road.
I tried to get a free fill-up but the well was capped. Was another great day.

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