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Monday, March 8, 2010

Apache Trail Part 2

Oh.......It's just us in front of a Southwestern style home. The style of these homes fit the area so well.
We stopped at a museum along the trail and they had an old stone crusher that they were restoring back to working order.
Can you imagine how load this monster was when it was running. Note the wooden drive wheels.
Yes, that's Joyce in the stage coach. She's in there with our old neighbor Paul.
These things are bad believe me. I brushed against one last year and had to use pliers to remove the spines
The Cholla look nice from a distance.
As we traveled we came across some really pretty areas.
Then we stopped for lunch in Tortilla Flat, population (6). The restaurant walls and ceiling are covered with one dollar bills left by patrons.
They even have dollar bills outside of the ladies room. A thought to ponder,,,,,,,,,"Why is there always a line at the ladies room".
As we left town to continue around the Apache Trail, the road was closed due to flooding.
Hey, we have a Jeep so we drove by all the onlookers and across the flooded road. Piece of cake!
With all the cars back at town with the flooded road, we were alone and could set our own pace. Soon after, the road turned to dirt and in some areas reduced to one lane.
This area was really ready to bloom. Everything was really green and budding flowers everywhere.
The scenery just goes on and on.
That's the road down there.
And waterfalls everywhere were flooding the streams and roads.
Note the tree in the middle of what is normally a small stream.
The building of Roosevelt Dam
Dam information!!!!
The Dam was built with large stone blocks and masonry.
Some information on the Salt River prior to the Dam.
This bridge crosses the Salt River right at the Dam.

I shot this shot video on a section of the road prior to getting to the Dam. Even a video doesn't do the area justice.

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Vic said...

Awww, love the picture of you two with the Cactus....beautiful! Miss you!!!!