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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Just Checkin In

It snowed late yesterday and we probably got a half inch of snow that didn't last, but it is cold! No ambition to do much so took a ride to the old part of Lewisville, Tx.

They have an old theater in town, coming soon another hit!
The town is being restored with new walks, etc.
This is the Theater
The Masonic Temple is now a Bridal Shop
As we traveled closer to Dallas Fort Worth, the homes became larger. This one has what looks to be a garage in the front but it is actually a drive thru to the garage that is behind it.
We couldn't believe the size of these homes and they are being built everywhere. Along with the housing developments, there are new shopping malls everywhere. Nothing looked to be over a couple years old. I thought the economy was bad.....you'd never know it by driving around here.
Then we parked at the end of the runway at DFW airport.
Every couple of minutes one was coming in right over us. Cool!!!!
Enough fun for one day. We stopped for BBQ for dinner. Was OK but not as good as the BBQ we had in Pittsburg, Tx. when I was there working.
It's suppose to warm back up tomorrow so we can come out of hibernation, hey it's been warmer back home in Ma. than what we have here. Blame El NiƱo!

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