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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Apache Trail

We are close to the Apache Trail which is an 80 mile loop scenic ride. It was raining today so we decided to take a short ride to see part of the trail. Everything is so green from the rain and through the fog you can see Superstition Mountains.
We came up on this Ghost Town which was named Gold Field Mining Town. The old building have been converted to girt shops etc. One of the stores had home made fudge, had a sample and bought a chunk.
This is the sign at the entrance.
The town is really authentic and there were a few people dressed for the part.
This group was heading for the train and we never saw them again.
The main street in town was a bit scenic and looked very authentic.
The church was at the far end of town where the ground seemed to drop off because the town was built on a hill.
If you spent time in jail, you at least had a great view from your cell window.
They had a lot of old pieces of machinery. This is an Ingersoll Rand dual piston steam engine that was used to drive the GE generator.
And an old Worthington Air Compressor. I love this old stuff!
Oh yes.....and then there was the fleet of trucks!

As we were leaving I took this shot of Joyce with Superstition Mountains in the background.

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