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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Eleven Days Off The Grid And Counting

As you know we are dry camping or Boondocking. This means that we came in with a full fresh water tank, and empty black and gray tanks. We have Solar Panels that charge our batteries without running the generator. The challenge is to see how long you can stay before you have to empty you black or gray tanks.

In this shot you can see one of the two panels we have. The sky has been clear everyday and I have the panels tilted to catch the best sun.
We also have six house batteries to store the free energy the sun gives us.
I have the system set to saturate the battery bank at 14.6 volts. The batteries usually get to full saturation by about 2:00 PM and it will usually hold them there for at least one hour. I hope to improve that time because a believe I have a poor connection somewhere which is causing me to loose .5 volts of charge.

To save from filling our gray water tank, we take our showers under the stars. Remember, we are out in the desert and the outdoor shower is between the two slides plus I park the Jeep next to the shower. We are also greatly spaced from others. There's nothing like taking a hot shower under the stars. We have two five gallon water containers that we fill every time we go out. I then pump the water from the containers into our fresh water tank.
So.......our limiting factor is the Black water tank. When that fills up, we have to drive the coach about 1/4 mile to the dump site.
We should be all set because we plan on leaving here Saturday to meet up with some old friends in Phoenix. So we will be leaving before I have to dump the tanks.

We needed some supplies so did the Walmart thing, the problem is we had to travel to Parker which is 40 miles away. Hey....it was a nice day for a ride.
Coming back into Quartzsite we passed "No Name Street", now that's original.
As the sun sets over the mountains, it was another beautiful day.

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