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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Day Of Mixed Things Of Interest

The day stared off as being a very cool day with a lot of clouds. We only had a couple of things we wanted to see which weren't that far away so we thought we would see what else we could find off the beaten path.

This is where we are camped, within the dunes there is what they call a "forest" of Harvard Oak trees. The problem is they only grow to about three feet high so the smaller ones look like weeds.
This is a mature tree. The root system runs up to seventy feet away from the tree which helps to hold the sand dunes together.
We needed gas prior to heading out so the closest gas station was in town. This is the old main street that runs parallel to the train tracks. Most all the stores are empty.
The dogs in this area are really tough, only the sissies ride in the bed of the truck.
Once we fueled up we continued on to Meteor Crater.
Some information on the site.
Joyce was making sure that things along the path were save for me.
The crater was a bit disappointing. It hadn't been excavated since before WWII so most of the crater has filled in due to rain and wind over the years.
Not much to see!
There are numerous small craters because the meteors that hit were actually small fragments by the time they hit.
The craters that have been excavated are the largest.
We departed the Meteor Crater and headed for lunch.
I had mentioned that the city of Odessa has a thing for Jack Rabbits, this explains why!
And then there was the Worlds First Championship Jackrabbit Roping. I would have really enjoyed seeing this.
Wow, now I can see why they stopped the roping contest. Can you imagine what would have happened if one of these babies got upset at you. They grow um BIG in Texas.
But....if you are good enough to rope one, there was a recipe on the back of one of the signs. Where do you get a pot big enough to soak it in!!!
Moving right alone, we shot over to the University to see what the art class built.
The school positioned and built their Stonehenge as close to the actual as possible. The positioning was critical for the Solstice and Equinox Solar alignments.
The materials and construction equipment was donated by area companies.
While we area on the grounds of the college, we stopped at the art museum.
Samples outside.
Inside the museum there are workshops for ceramic, wood, and metal. This is a rocket ship constructed from various everyday items. Can you tell what those items are?
Is this Madonna?
Is this a portable turbo powered Bidet?
Looks like something that Peewee Herman would have.
This is a new twist to the old seesaw whereas you sit at the left, note the spring on the other end to assist your up and down ride. I think you only have one shot at this ride though. You go first!!!!
You can see what these are.
I'm only sure of one thing.......it's female!
Enough fun at the art museum, so on we went to a place I really didn't want to go to.

This is the home where "George W." was born
And it's under 24 hour security, can you believe that. Maybe he's in there!
They put a fence around the home to make sure he doesn't get out AGAIN!
Also around the house is a field full of rodents.
These guys were going crazy while we were around. Must be some kind of extra security for Bush!
Maybe they're really little cameras. What a great idea.
As you might think, we had enough of the Bush thing and headed for home.
But when we travel back to camp we always try to take a different route so we can see different things.
Texas is great, they even teach you how to safely conceal your weapon so you don't shoot yourself!
Yes...that is the school back there behind a gate with a No Trespassing sign. Violators will be shot.
Then we cam to the town of Penwell, this was a booming oil town. Even today there were oil pumps running everywhere you looked.

Here's the Post Office.

And spare parts dealers

The local gas station and cafe.

More spare parts, but were's the town. We weren't able to find it.

The end of a fun day, the sun came out and it ended up making it to the low 60's. Tomorrow we head out down the road to Abilene and new adventures.

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