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Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Coach Is Home For Service

We left our camp in Daisy Arkansas at about 9:30 AM ahead of a rain storm. Passed through Tennessee, Mississippi, and some small towns with cool diners like this one.
While traveling through Mississippi, this coach passed us. He was running at about 75 MPH.
The strange thing is that it is a new Tiffin Phaeton that is not finished. Note the primer paint and the exterior side lights by the entrance door were missing with the wires for those lights flapping in the wind.
Whereas this new coach is so far from the Red Bay factory, I believe it may be one of the Tiffin family members out for a trek.
We saw this tug pushing 12 barges up the river.
Almost there, been a long day.
Seven hours later we pulled into the company campground.
Ten minutes after parking, the storm caught us. There were tornado warnings and we did get some small hail.
The storm passed through in about fifteen minutes and gave us a rainbow.
We are parked two spots over from where we were five months ago. We are here to have a few things fixed and have a 15,000 mile service done. We would rather have all service done at the factory by people that are familiar with the product. I don't trust the dealers to give the type of service I expect because of past experiences.
We do not have an appointment so we have to wait our turn which means we will probably be here till next weekend.
I have already run into a couple that was here with us five months ago. He pulled in today about ten minutes before us. Now we just need our old buddy Frank to show up with his dogs. Hey Frank, where are you????

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