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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Valdez, A Three Night Stop

Camp Valdez with a view, that's us on the right.
It looks like someone had pet rabbits here at one time because there are rabbits everywhere. There are black ones and light tan ones, and some that look like they are wild.

This is the center of Valdez, not much going on unless you fish a lot.
The mariner is pretty big and has a selection of different size boats.

A couple of fishermen where hanging their catch for the day.
We had a tour boat ride today but I didn't go due to a muscle spasm in my back.....bummer. 
Joyce did go and took over 200 pictures.
The day started off with a light fog as they leave the harbor.
Eagle looking for breakfast.
Bridal falls
Getting under way for the coast.

Everyone on the lookout for sea life.
The fishermen are already out.
Not enough room for everyone 
These guys are enjoying the morning sun.
The iceburgs are getting larger.
Another one up ahead.
And they are large enough for the birds to jump aboard.

 More of the same.
 These are puffin
 Some of the views.

 Sea Otter 
 Good morning!
 Calm waters
 A fishing boat with his nets out.

 More ice 
The seals are surfing on these.

 This is where it's all coming from.
 Large sections were breaking off and falling into the water.

 Different shots of the same

 These guys got a bus ride.

Time to head out.
 This is a shot of jelly fish along the side of the ship.
 Can you see them?
 What's that on the rocks?
 Young male seals

 This guy must be lost.

 Time to move on
 Caves along the shoreline ready to be explored.
 Time to head back home.
 That's the end of the 800 mile pipeline.
 So after nine hours, lunch and dinner, we are back in the port of Valdez.
We hope you enjoyed the cruise. Tomorrow we have a 258 mile trip back to the town of Tok.

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