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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Heading To Homer

As we off for Homer, we pass Beluga Point again.
The scenery here is nothing like I have ever seen before.
This is Turnagain Bay

The views of the mountains and glaciers, are around every turn. 

More of the same.

We stopped to just enjoy the views.
Lots of glaciers 

The water is about the same color as the blue sky, and there are people fishing everywhere.
After a couple hundred miles of travel we are getting close to Homer.
More views.
This is an odd house but the main thing about it, is it is getting close to the edge of a cliff due to erosion. A lot of the homes along this area have a million dollar view of the mountains but they are getting closer to the edge of a hundred foot drop. Because of this, most of these places are for sale.
Finally we are coming down into town.
Our campground is close to the end of that Spit you see below.
The end of this Spit, is the end of the road. When we leave Homer in four days, we will have to backtrack a ways.
Some cool junk they call home.
We are in the campground and facing the water. At high tide, we are about 15 feet from the water. At low tide, we are about 200 feet from the water. The tide comes in fast.
We went out for fish and chips. The fish was Halibut and the prices here in Alaska are high on everything. Fish & chips and one beer for me and fish & chips and water for Joyce......$64.00 not including a tip. Somebody said we went to the high priced place, no doubt about that. And I thought $45 for pizza was bad. 
The end of the road on the Spit.
And the view from our windshield is priceless, I have counted over five glaciers from my view.
People are pulling in Salmon in front of us from the shoreline. It's 10 PM so I am going to bed.

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