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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Seward Alaska

We are on our way to Seward and we are getting a light rain. You can see the clouds hanging over the mountains.
 About forty miles out of Seward we passed through this one horse town.
 There were maybe four or five homes along the road and three of them were selling fudge. The bummer was there was no place for me to pull over.
We have arrived at Seward and are parked facing the water and mountains. There's a cruise ship in the port that left later in the day.
We took a ride to see one of the Glaciers. This one is Exit Glacier
 That's were we are heading.
 Some info on the Glacier

Once we parked the car, we had a .6 miles walk to the Glacier.

On our way up the views were beautiful.

We are almost there. Bears frequent the area so we had to keep an eye out for them.

Along the path up to the glacier, they had postings showing where the glacier used to be.

Here's a shot showing how much the glacier has melted over the last ten years.

That's it behind us, it looks small in this picture but trust me, it is a LOT bigger but still melting.

These two ladies are part of the tour support group.
Tomorrow we fly up to a glacier to take a ride on a dog sled.

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