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Thursday, August 13, 2015

A Night In Palmer Then On To Valdez

It was a short ride to the town of Palmer.
 A stop on the way at a visitors center and an iceberg went floating by.
 It came from the glacier at the far end of this lake.
 Still lots of snow in the mountains.
 A train full of coal passes by.
 And here we are at camp in Palmer.
 Note the size of the cabbage growing around the flagpole.
 Up early and hit the road for a 240 mile day. 
 Streams and rivers everywhere.
 Joyce took this shot from her seat as we drove along. The road we were on had a 65 mile stretch of narrow road with no shoulder and a long drop. You really have to pay attention.
 This section had some guardrails. So far on this trip, we have seen three cars off the road and down in a gully.
 Stretch stop.
 Awesome huh!
 This is a huge Glacier and we have seen so many.
 More twisty roads.
 What can I say, the beauty is everywhere.
 Wow....a straight section of road, gives me a chance to look around.

 Stopped to enjoy the views.
 More of the same......

 The road runs through a canyon with a river to the left.
 And waterfalls everywhere.
We have arrived in Valdez and there's things to do so I will continue tomorrow....good night!

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