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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Our Last Day In Seward

The cruise ship headed out last night.
It's 9AM and we are preparing to head up to the glacier. For this trip, it is only Joyce and I.
Here we go heading on to the other side of the mountains.
They were predicting rain for the morning but as you can see, it is beautiful.
This was our first time in a helicopter and I was surprised to find that Joyce really enjoyed it.
This is not our glacier, but one of the many that are here.
The pilot claim that he can see the changes in the glacier as it melts slowly.
Flying across the glacier field
Coming up to the dog camp.
If you click on the pic you can just begin to see the camp in the distance.
See it now?
There it is.
We are greeted by the mushers.
There is about twenty feet of snow sitting on the glacier ice field.
The dogs and the mushers stay up here in camp for the summer.
They also have three puppies here that they will be training.
This is me under puppy attack.
They kept pull on my shoe laces and untying my shoes.
 Cool huh!!!
Now Joyce is getting here puppy fix.
Time to head out.
Here we go, these dogs were jumping up and down and ready to run.
If you look at their feet, you can see their booties.
The surface is pristine. The team is always run on a different course.
It is so beautiful up here, it was like heaven. Note the clouds ahead.

It's time to stop to take some pictures. That's me sitting in the sled and Joyce is standing.
The dogs looked skinny and underfed but that's the way these dogs are. They are a small breed of huskies that are bred just for racing.

OK guys, time to move on.
Some members of this team have already run the Iditirod , the rest of the team is actually being trained for the race by pulling us.
After the ride we went to each dog on the team and told them they did a good job.
Time to say goodbye and fly out of here.
If this isn't heaven, it has to be the closest thing to it!
As always, clicking on the pictures will enlarge them but you really have to be here to appreciate this.

Another glacier
This pond was created by the melting ice of a glacier. The water is captured in a small valley in the mountains.
The water is a deep blue and so clear, that you can see the bottom.
Joyce is up front for the best view.
That's the airport up ahead and the end of our trip.
Joyce and I have experienced a lot and traveled to a host of different and beautiful places during our years of RVing, but we both agree that this was the best experience we have ever done. We are so glad we had the chance to do this.

Tomorrow we will be leaving Seward the town of Palmer. Good Night!!!!!


Margery said...

What an absolutely wonderful experience. Thanks for taking us along!

Paul and Joyce said...

You are welcome Margery. Thank you for taking the time to comment.