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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Denali Day 2

The Park use dog sleds to maintain the park during the winter months.

They have 30 working Husky dogs that are very large.
 The sleds require 10 dogs when they are working the park during the winter.
 They breed their dogs here sometimes using dogs from other kennels.
 These pups were bred as working sled dogs and not racing dogs.
 The racing dogs are a lot smaller breed of Husky

 The sled dogs are on their summer break.
 I could not believe how big some of these dogs were. They looked so much like wolves.
 Nap time
 Joyce enjoying the dogs.

 Setting up a sled for a demonstration
 These dogs are fast and they were only running five dogs.
 The dogs love their run.
This video demonstrates how the dogs are moved back to their houses. The dogs must be lifted off their front feet to move them because they are so strong.

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