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Thursday, August 6, 2015


On our way to Anchorage, the clouds started to lift from Mt. McKinley.
Tough trying to smile when you are looking directly into the sun.
This plant is called fireweed. It's said that once the flowers open at the top of the plant, summer is over.
The plant is a weed and grows everywhere.
A boy and his dog!!!!
A closeup of the mountain.
We made it to Anchorage and hooked up. Now it's time to check out the city.
This is where they make the official Alaskan ULU. Pronounced oolooo. Check the link!
The tourist train
The train is painted the Alaskan colors.

Alaska has more people that hold a private pilot licence then any where else.
At the airport these small private plains will average more then 600 take-offs and landings per day during the summer months.
We were on a bus tour that took us to this chocolate factory.
Yup.....that's chocolate.
Large bars of chocolate
Then across the street for lunch.
They had this rock statue made from huge rock s and stands about 15 feet high.
Even the flowers that line the streets are the state colors.
Visitors center.
Mileage sign outside the visitors center.
One of the few remaining original building left in the city after the 1964 quake.
This cool bike was on the sidewalk.

This marks the spot where the dog races start.

The oldest building in the city.
Oh man...I was really hoping to see her during our trip.
Note the sign, reindeer sausage is very popular here in Alaska. I bought some!
We took a ride to Beluga Point and the Bore Tide. These tides can raise the level of the water as much as 35 feet or more. And the wave can be as high as 10 feet. Joyce is getting her water sample.
She also collector some of the mud. This mud is sold in beauty shops for as much as $35 a jar. Joyce collected about $10 worth. The mud is dark gray and the sand is as fine as powder.
While we were there, the tide started to come in.
Those rocks in the water disappeared in about ten minutes.
Time to move on.
As we turned to head back to camp, I thought this washed area was cool.
We spent a few day in Anchorage but now it's time to get ready to head out for Homer.

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