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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Homer Continued

 There used to be an old woman that fed the eagles year round. She would get fish scraps from the area fisheries. She had over 25 eagles that came to her for food. That old woman died and the eagles moved on but are still in the area. These eagles are about 50 yards from us and you can get up close to them.
 Joyce took these pictures.
 I went back later in the day and there was only one eagle perched.
 I wanted to get a close shot and the eagles was happy to pose for me.
Meanwhile, Joyce walked the beach looking for nice rocks.
 More of the local views.
 The view changes everyday with the clouds and shadows.
 A closeup of the above shot.

 As you can see, the majority of the roads in Alaska are in better shape than the roads in New England. The problem is they are constantly replacing sections that were damaged from frost heaves. As they repair these sections, they roll out a bed of really nice gravel that contains pea size stones. These stones are what chips paint and windshields on your car. We protected our Jeep with a hitch guard that deflects the stones that are kicked up from the coach, and a cover for the windshield. Even with everything we have done to avoid damage, we still received a lot of paint chips from passing traffic. The are also about six coaches in our group that have cracks in their windshields. So if you come to Alaska, expect to get some damage to your vehicle unless you are really lucky.
 The spit in this shot is where we are camped....close to the end.
There is some interesting junk in the area. This guy was building an RV from an old bus. Note his custom front end.
 Just an old boat.
 Another bus on the same property.
 And this is where the dude lives.
 At the entrance to his driveway.
 Further down the road, was the farmers market.
 The streets have interesting names.
 Someone lives here......cool!
 In Alaska and in like new condition.
Joyce and I both have colds...(she got it first). And we haven't been getting much sleep so I am going to take a nap. Tomorrow we head out for Seward, Alaska.

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