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Friday, May 13, 2011

Yellow Jacket RV Resort

We are here, came in yesterday after a 225 mile drive. Not much in the area except for the Swanee River. Walmart and most of the other popular stores are about a half hour drive from us.
This is the site that they gave us, we are in an area that used to be for park models.

We feel like we are pretty much in the tropics. The vegetation is really nice and we are by ourselves in this large area.

We took a stroll to the river and this sign was posted at the boat ramp.

Is this fishing as seen on TV, won't be much of a sport.

Casey is testing the water which is very warm. We get to use one of the boats on our days off. We can use anything from a small power boat to one of the pontoon boats like you can see in this picture.

We will start work next Tuesday. We are scheduled for Tuesdays and Fridays, Joyce will be on the cleaning staff and me on the maintenance. Joyce has all of her duties defined but mine will be as requested. We will both have use of a golf cart while doing our chores.....yahoo!!!

There is also a large heated pool that we can use after our hard days work.

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