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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Chiggers, What Are Chiggers?

Joyce couldn't stand the itch any longer so we went to see a doctor for some med's. That's when we found out that we have Chigger bites along with Poison Ivy. OMG....what is a Chigger. Well here's a picture of one of the ugly buggers. They are so small that they can't be seen with the naked eye which is good because they are ugly. I don't understand how something sooooo small can create an itch sooooo BIG!
Well we know what to do to avoid them and we have med's for the itch of the poison ivy as well.
Our plan for the day was to take a boat out again and travel north on the river with another picnic lunch. We didn't get back from the doctors until around 1:00 so we had lunch and packed some snacks to have along the river.
This time we took the yellow pontoon boat which steers a lot easier and Casey want to try her hand... ah paw... at captain, yea right!!!

I guess they are expecting a very high tide on the river. Better to be safe than sorry.
The base of this cypress is huge and would make a nice coffee table .
Two military helicopters came flying over. Seems they like to use the winding river for low flight training.

I think Casey was getting bored.

This old railroad bridge is part of the Greenway rail trail for bikers.

After passing the bridge we came upon a perfect spot to stop for snacks and a little relaxing in the water, Casey had her watermelon.
On our way back to camp we passed this cottage with a giant air bag to bounce off of. Looks dangerous, I would probably bounce back into the dock.

Another one waiting for the rising of the water but must have a great view.

During the round trip we experienced a lot of giant jumping Sturgeon. The fish we saw were 4 to 5 feet long and were coming about three feet out of the water. It kind of funny to see these big fish jumping but it can be deadly if you get hit with one. I was not able to get any pictures, sorry!

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Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

If Casey gets enough wheel time, maybe she can get an honorary USCG license :)