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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Pigeon Forge Dolly Parade

The parade was to start at 6 pm but as we drove down this stretch at noon, people were putting their chairs out. So.....we went back, got our chairs and put them in a good spot at the end of the route. At 5pm we returned and waited.

And waited!
Then final at 6:30 the parade got to us.

There were numerous marching bands and baton twirlers. Twirlers seems to be a big thing here.

Then the guest of honor passed by waving at the crowd. She's a tiny women.
Not much of a van for Dolly.
Oh yea, even the Canadians showed up!
Then the floats came along and there were many of them.

Most of the floats were done by local businesses.

Remember Erin from the Waltons?

Yup, that's her. She's grown up!!!!

This is a local Cirque show.

They guys were just crazy.
oooooh the pretty girls
The beauty queens!
And they came in all ages.

Right down to the little ones.

And the home coming queen.

I have no idea what this was all about.

These ladies were really cool peddling their ponies.

Pigeon Forge Fire Dept. has a great emblem.

Nice Rig!

There were lots of marching school bands.And pretty girls.

Now this is a shopping cart, look closely.

It is a dragster.

Can't have a parade without horses.

Had a Ford pickup just like this one.....well maybe not just like this but it was a 53 Ford pickup with a flathead V8.

I'd like to tow this behind the coach.

This is a party coach that you can rent for a wedding or whatever.

This guy was just cruising around.

The antique tractors.

A nice Case

Oliver Super 88

This is an Oliver Diesel 880.

A really clean John Deere.

A greasy old Farmall that probably just came out of the field for the parade.

This one is a Gambles Farmcrest 30.

This guy was being towed behind the tractor above and had a look like he had enough.

These are the old single cylinder engines, and they were running.

The Shriners were here from Kentucky, beautiful rigs!

Camel Hauler

Tow Truck

This was a big bad Jeep that was V8 powered, very nice.

Remember the Dodge Darts, wow....what a sleeper!

This is a Boss Hoss motorcycle, the engines are 350 ci Chevy V8"s. We have seen a lot of these bikes in the area and it makes sence because they are built here in Tn.

The parade lasted 1-1/2 hours and was a good time, glad we went.


Holly Diane said...

What great pictures! Looks like you had fun..I'll have to ask my dad if he went (he lives close to there and loves Dolly!)

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

Nice parade, thanks for taking us along :