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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Old Pigeon Forge

Late yesterday we took a ride to Old Pigeon Forge that has a very small section of gift shops but no fudge worth buying. I have sampled about four different fudge shops and found all the fudge to be dry. A good quality fudge should be smooth and creamy when you bit into it. Sorry but I'm fussy about fudge. Anyways, there were other shops that were selling various tourist trinkets.

Driving across the bridge, the view was nice.
A large liberty bell in the park but don't know why!

This waterfall was putting out a weird sound like driving with one rear window open in your car. It would vibrate your ears, strange!
Not sure if this water wheel ever worked but it looks like it may have once.

Casey likes it when I remove the rear window. She tries to get a lick of people as they pass by. I swear I'm going to tape her tongue down.

Members of Pastor Bill Hale's congregation came to our campground with a van full of various Cakes, Candles, and Fudge that were for sale. Joyce loves lemon cake and I couldn't resist the chocolate pudding cake. Mmmmmm!

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Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

I really enjoy old windmills-nice picture. If taping the tongue works, I may have to give it a try:)