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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Old Town, FL102°/ 65°°F

Yup, it was a pretty warm day so we headed to the beach....yea! Thought we'd start at the town of Suwannee. Where there are some beautiful seasonal homes.
And the road into town looks nice but is a dead end into nothing. There really isn't much of anything in town, post office and a dinner.

From Suwannee we wanted to cross over to Shired Island to see if we could get closer to the ocean so we took this short cut through the Florida tropics!

This road went on for miles and in areas it was just barely one lane wide.

Riding along and I spotted this guy.

Not the kind of place I would want to get lost in.

Beauty of a differant kind but no gators in sight.

More tropics.

Blue Heron

Hey we made it, that's the gulf out there but this was a view from a campground and we couldn't take Casey out of the Jeep here.

So we drove back a quarter mile and stopped at a boat ramp. Can you see all the little crabs running around, they were all over the place. Click on the picture and you will.

Now that's a beautiful piece of driftwood.

Nothing like having the wind blow over your belly after a refreshing swim in the salt water.

By now you should know that I like chicken, but guess what Casey likes best. We came upon this on our way back to camp.

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