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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Lets Go Boating

We decided we'd use one of the pontoon boats today and take a picnic cruise. This is the 2nd time in my life that I've ever used a boat but it didn't seem like a big deal.
Ok, now to get out of here without running into anything.

Here we go and Casey is really getting excited about all the water. We were afraid she was going to jump in.

One side of the Suwannee is a wildlife preserve.

So the scenery along the river was beautiful.

Another view

Casey and I are on gator patrol as we travel slowly along the shore.

There's a pretty bird that kept following us.

And if you click on this picture it will enlarge and you will see some white wild flowers.

And here are some blue wild flowers

Oh Oh, that isn't a log in the water

He came really close to the boat and showed no fear.

This is another gator we passed along the river. He's a big boy.

And yet another. In all we spotted about five good sized gators.

As we headed to the Gulf coast we would pass these small populated areas.

Bet the kids love this place, check out that water slide.

There were some pretty nice seasonal homes along here.

Nice huh!

Not many places to pull in for lunch.

The scenery was so nice.

After about two hours of cruising, we could see the Gulf.

And there it is!!!!! Now it's time to turn around and find a place to stop for lunch.

About a half mile back from the Gulf coast, I found this very small beach area where we could stop for our picnic. This is like Gilligan's Island!
Casey loves watermelon so after Joyce and I had our salads, Casey and I had watermelon for a snack. I bought the melon at a farm stand for $2 and it was sweet.Joyce got in the water with Casey to cool off, then it was time to pack up and head back.

Joyce took the helm on the way back, she has spent more time driving boats than me. It was a great day and we will have to do it again.

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