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Monday, May 2, 2011

Made It To Pigeon Forge

While traveling along 81 through Virginia, we approached a slow in the traffic as we got closer to Tenn.
That's when we came upon this area where a tornado touched down on this small neighborhood.
It was terrible to see the property damage when there was so much wooded area on both sides of this town that wasn't touched.

People were still picking through the rubble.

This was really tough to see. It was so real, not like what you see on TV.

The tornado touched down and seemed to travel for only about a quarter mile but it did so much damage. It looked like a giant weed whacker passed through.

The damage was on both sides of the highway.

And to think that this was a small area of damage.

Notice the trailers piled up at one end of the truck stop.

The main building at the truck stop was only lightly damaged.

Casey looking out the windshield as we cross into Tenn.

Driving down route 441 into Pigeon Forge we passed the Titanic Museum.

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