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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mothers Day Ride

Our ride started at Route 321 west in Pigeon Forge and across the Foothills Parkway.
From there we continued on to 129 south. Now route 129 is known as The Dragon or Dragons Tail because there are 318 curves in eleven miles. There were two 1000 horsepower Bugatti Veyrons on this road yesterday. Wish I was here to see them go through. This is also a dangerous road that takes about 20 bikers every year. We passed quit a few that were dragging a knee into the corners.
Even in the Jeep, Casey was wondering when it was going to end.

The road was awesome with all the curves, I wish I was still riding motorcycle.

Here's what it looks like on the GPS

Are we at the end yet!!!!!

We finally reached the end of 129 and then turned onto route 28 which is also known as Moonshiner 28.

We ran route 28 for a short twisty distance and turned off at 19/74 which took us into route 441 and Cherokee, NC.

We were here about 28 years ago and the town has really changed a lot. There are painted bear statues everywhere.

Some of the bear were very colorful.
This one has socks on.
The medicine man even travels in style now.

Then we continued on through the Smoky Mountains.

While traveling 441 north, some bikers caught up with us and Casey found them to be interesting.

One of the guys kept whistling to Casey and waving to her. She had a new friend!

After about five miles, we stopped at a rest area to let the bikers go by but they stopped also. The guys had to meet Casey and take her picture. She was a real hit with the bikers but I forgot to take any pictures of her with the guys. They were from the area and do this ride often, they even had the scars to prove it. We talked for a while and wished them a safe ride.

As we left the rest area we let Casey's new friends go first. As you can see in the picture, riding with no hands can add to those scars and injuries they were telling us about

As the guys went through the tunnels, they would pull the clutch and rev the engines. It was deafening.

Here we go again, another tunnel.

This is a view of Gatlinburg as we came out of the Smokies.

We came out of the mountains and into Pigeon Forge. The loop took us about six hours to complete with a quick lunch stop. We were all a little sea sick from all the curves but it was a fun ride.

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Handmade Crafts Done While RVing Blog said...

AWESOME your picture where so much fun to look at today - scary on your facts about the bikers death toll - eeek glad to have 6 wheels instead of 2...

Happy Mother's Day!!