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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Still on the Trace, Monday

We headed out from our camp our first stop was Line Creek and what a surprise we got!

This is a bit tough to see but this dog was curled up in the leaves, and looked to be starving to death. We cut up some hamburg and leftover pork chops and feed this poor dog.
Our next stop was 1/2 mile down the street to inform the park Ranger so the dog could be picked up and taken to a shelter. She is a boxer that had some scares on her back. Joyce has been on the phone with the park ranger and a woman that travels the Trace picking up strays like this. Apparently, this is a big problem in this area. Dogs area constantly by dropped off along the Trace by people that no longer want the dogs. Joyce is waiting to hear on the progress of this dog, the woman she spoke with stated that she will call Joyce with a follow-up on the dog.
At our next stop we found these four pups waiting for us. Man, this is unbelievable!!!!
These four dogs are pups but I am not sure of the breed, three of the four had flea collars, and all four are female. These pups were in good shape and I believe that they came from a home close by. Joyce wanted to load them all into the motorhome but we left them sitting on the walk watching us leave.

These were signs along the Trace that pointed out some of the historic sites.
The graves of thirteen unknown confederate soldiers
One of the headstones.
The Trace along the burial site.
A boy and his dog!!!
The Pharr burial mounds. The pictures below give an explanation.
Sunken Trace
One of the three cuts.
We camped at another free campground that was right on the Trace. Was a really cold (36 degree) night with flurries.

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