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Friday, April 3, 2009

The Sixth Floor Museum in Dallas

Joyce and I both remember the day that John F. Kennedy was assasinated and we wanted to see where it happened, so we took a trip into the city of Dallas.

This is a shot of the city of Dallas as we approached.
As we approached Dealey Plaza, this Plaque was by the side walk.
There were some individuals selling books and DVD's on the Kennedy assassination, and their theories of how and why it happened.
That's the Book Depository on the left.
Dealey Plaza
Plaque outside the Dallas Book Depository which was renamed the Dallas County Administration Building.
Another shot of Dealey Plaza
Joyce is pointing to a chip in the curb where one of the shot hit.
The Book Depository has seven floors, the shots were fire from the sixth floor square window in the right corner.
This Plaque is located at Dealey Plaza (The Grassy Knoll)
Just another shot of the area
One of two short videos

On a parting comment, it was nice to see a lot of younger people at the museum, although it did feel odd knowing that we remember that sad day while the younger people around us were reading about it. Does that mean that we're old?

Tonight we will be going into the Stockyards for the Rodeo, and in the morning we will be moving out of the area and heading towards Louisiana. I will post on the rodeo when we reach our next destination which will probably be a Walmart parking lot.

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