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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Doing the House Chores

I haven't even had time to wash the motorhome yet. Had to fix our driveway wall that was damaged by the snowplow while we were gone. He had taken out about eight feet of the wall so I had to reconstruct the section.
We also had to take Mac to the Vet for blood work so we can get an idea as to how bad his kidneys are getting. Should have the results by tomorrow.Joyce's cell phone is dying and it was about three years old. She hadn't sign for a new two year contract so we took a ride to see what they had for free phones and I wanted to see about dropping our home phone.
Long story short we got two new phones for free, I changed our home phone to a cell phone and saved us $10 a month. My phone was a prepay phone and I was just about out of minutes so no big lose.
My next move is to get a wireless router from the 3g store for our Verizon broadband wireless we have for the laptop. It seems that the Cradlepoint CTR350 is what most use in their RV's. It's small and can be used with 110 or 12 volts.
We would like to get another Laptop and with the router, we can both be online.

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