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Thursday, April 2, 2009

And For You Sports Fans!

The Texas Rangers Stadium was about five miles away and we wanted to see the new football stadium so we went for the tour.

The Rangers stadium had a museum , so did a walk through while we were waiting for the next tour of the stadium.

Below is the King of Swat Trophy present to the Babe in 1921 by a handful of fans.
This is the Honey Boy Evans Trophy presented to Ty Cobbs in 1912
This is the American League Trophy given to Cy Young in 1908
Then there was this 1928 Projoy Ice Cream Card
More baseball cards
Do you have any of these?
Or These
Or Maybe These
Being from Ma., I had to feature the Sox
Then this women gave us a tour of the stadium and I must say that she knew everything and I mean everything about baseball. I was stunned.

This is a room setup for indoor batting practice.
A view from the dugout.
Less than a quarter mile away is the new Football Stadium
As you can see, they are still working on the stadium so we were not able to get in.
The best we could do, is shoot a video from the Walmart parking lot across the street.

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