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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Day at the Stockyards, Plus

Our drive to the Stock Yards in Forth Worth was directed by our GPS but seemed to take us down every back road and alley. Well, we made it and once we got close, the road turned to brick pavers and the buildings looked to be original.
Once we took the next right, we were at the Stock Yards.
This weekend there is a NASCAR race in the immediate area so race fans will be showing up by Friday. The picture below was at the far end of the street.
This is the Coliseum where they have rodeos on Friday and Saturday nights. We hope to be there this Friday night. Hey, who's that smiling guy in front of the building?

The Rodeo

Plaque in front of the Coliseum

A bronze statue dedicated to the bull wrestling cowboys.
Another plaque with some history of the area.
The Live Stock Exchange; located in the Fort Worth Stockyards, this adobe-style building was constructed in 1902 as a center for cattle traders. It was the central location for all activity in the Stockyards and often referred to as "The Wall Street of the West. Today, the building houses professional services and the North Fort Worth Historical Society Museum, which features artifacts from the beginning of the development of the Stockyards.
Every day at 11:30 am and 4:00 pm the Longhorns area driven down the street. I did a video on this but for some reason it didn't record, bummer!
There they go around the corner and back to the pen where they will be driven from at 4:00 pm.
See the Bull with his girl friend!

Everything in Texas IS BIG, look at that stirrup.
Around the corner is Billy Bob's Texas, The Worlds Largest Honky Tonk!
Once inside, there's a couple of walls covered with hand impressions of performers. Joyce looking at the one done by Glen Campbell
Then there was Darius of Hootie & the Blowfish. There was easily over a hundred impressions on the walls.

Billy Bob's Dance Floor and Bar area.

Woa, we came back outside and I caught this guy going around the corner on his BULL!
This is the Stockyards Station which was original used to load the cattle for market. Note the railroad tracks. The station area now houses restaurants and gift shops. In fact we stopped for lunch at Riscky's Bar-B-Q.
Now you first have to know that Joyce is the "I don't want much for lunch " person and I'm the one with the appetite. So you decide!
This is a picture of my lunch, BBQ sausage.
And.....this is Joyce's small lunch, BBQ beef tacos with fries. OMG, she always gets the most!!!!! But I get to finish it.
After eating all that food, I was really slowing down so I had to threaten Joyce to go easy in the gift shops or else.
Some info on the Stockyards Company
The trail drives.
I know.... I know..... you think it's just a squirrel but it's a Texas squirrel, notice how BIG he is!
Every once and a while a cowboy would go riding by.
Info on the horse and mule barns that were located in the same area.
Note that this post is titled "A Day at the Stockyards, Plus"......And now for the Plus. They say that everyone gets their fifteen minutes of fame, well we finally made it. RV Resources which is an Internet directory specializing in information for the RVer, has picked us as RVers of the month for April. Check it out by clicking HERE! Scroll down, you'll see us along with a wealth of RV related information.

Well Joyce is baking treats for Mac and chocolate chip cookies for me, we are both sitting here begging. Time to go!!!!!!!!!!!!

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