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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Camped on the Trace

We got an early start from Walmart with a 70 mile ride to get to the Natchez Trace. The day also started with a light mist of rain.
Our approach to the entrance of the Trace.
There are various stop along the Trace that spell out the historic spots.

The reservoir is very large, we saw a lot of the locals fishing off the banks.
Burial Mounds

The Indians would bury their dead much like us but when another family member passes, they would bury that body on top of the first one. Dirt was mounded on top of each body and it continued resulting with some mounds looking like large hills.

Nice walk through the swamp!
Can you see the Gator?
The Mission is gone but the sign says it all.
French Camp
Looks like mud wasp!!
Pretty area with all the flowers.
We stopped at this small rest area and Mac loved rolling in the grass so I got this shot of him. He has been in tough shape the last few days, but today was one of his better days.
The campground at this stop is full, I mean there area three RV's in pullout that for one RV. The gas station is closed so I pulled up close and we are watching the NASCAR race. As the race goes on, we are getting company all around us. There area five RV's with us now and I'm sure there will be more before the night is over.
Most of the morning, our travels were in a light mist of rain. This was the first rain we had seen since we left home December 28th. As the day went on, the sun came out and it turned into a nice 80 degree day. Lets see if we get booted out of our camping spot by the ranger!!!!!

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